Jan 8, 2014

Book Boyfriend (5)

Just a meme to talk about some of my favorite, "Book Boyfriends" :) Here you will read about who my current book boyfriend is, as well as some stats and a picture! OF COURSE, who can forget, the swoon worthy quotes! (Original credit goes to Missie over at The Unread Reader.)

My book boyfriend this week:
from THE BODY FINDER series

Name: Jay Heaton

Age: 16/17

Description: What I like best about Jay is that there are no specific descriptions of him. All we know is that during a, “summer metamorphosis”, he has become Hot with a capital H, but there are no specific hair or eye colors given.

* Likes to wear hoodies & backpacks.
* Silly sideways grin
* Strong arms, big shoulders
* Best friends with Violet since they were 6 years old
* First kissed Violet in 5th grade, but immediately both swore off kissing because they were so grossed out.

* Gracious in the face of defeat by Violet.
* Helped Violet bury dead things without question from an early age because he seemed to understand her gifts.
* Driven to school every day by Violet.
* Went unnoticed by girls for most of his life, but suddenly ‘got hot’ over a summer break and started attracting a fan club at school, including the most popular girl in school, Lissie Adams.
* Insists on carrying Violet home when she fell down, and looked after her scrapes too.

What I like best about Jay:
You know what’s sexy? A guy who doesn’t need to be in charge all the time. A guy who respects his girlfriend too much to push things physically, even when he could get away with it. A guy who’s not afraid to let his girlfriend’s family know that they’re together because he loves Violet so much. A guy who, when necessary, will step up and protect Violet physically. A guy who takes care of the house for his Mom, because he’s the only man of the house. A guy who is sweet, gorgeous, and amazing, but is completely unaware of his own charm.

Swoon worthy quotes:
“I was just waiting for you to want me as much as I wanted you.” 

"Yeah," he agreed enthusiastically. "That's why I was so jealous. I wanted to be the one finding dead bodies. You were like an animal detective or something. You were only weird' cause you were a girl." He grinned. "But I learned to overlook that, since you always took me on such cool adventures."

Jay had been the one who kept Violet sane. He slipped candy bars into her backpack for her to find and left little notes in her locker just to let her know he was thinking about her. She leaned on him every step of the way, and he never once complained. 

He's jail-bait :(
Le sigh....

Who's your book byfriend this week? ;)haha!
Catch ya'll laterrrrr!


  1. What a good meme idea! LOVED Jay in The Body Finder! He was so nice and caring, even when Vi was completely freaking out or having problems! Just might have to re-read this series soon! Thank you for this awesome post and thank you for commenting on my blog Turning Pages!


    1. Yay! glad you enjoyed the post!:)

  2. I think you just convinced me to read The Body Finder LoL. Jay sounds amazing!

    1. hahaha! trust me, it's a fast and great read :)

    2. You were right. I devoured this book in one sitting yesterday =)

    3. YAY! So happy you read it!! tell me, did you love it?

  3. Hehe. Jailbait he is Diana! In my head though he's like 28, that way I don't feel so squicky about my crush on him. All my YA book boyfriends are in their upper twenties in my head ;-) Jay is fantastic boyfriend material, I just adore him!

    1. GREAT idea! I need to start doing that! From now on, all book boyfriends will be 26, in my mind ;)haha

  4. This is certainly an interesting way to highlight characters from books you enjoy reading. Although, I can't relate in the same way, it is still interesting. For me, I'd have to say the guys in the young adult literature I read would be ideal drinking buddies -- provided they were of drinking age, which most of them aren't. I look forward to seeing who your next book boyfriend is. Also, I enjoyed The Body Finder.

    1. Drinking buddies? What a fantastic idea! hahaha! That would be quite a night... Can I join? :)


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