Jan 3, 2012

Happy late Christmas and New Years!

First post of 2012... yay!

Just wanted to say Happy (late) Christmas and New Years to all my blogging friends :) I hope you all had an blessed holiday season, I know I did!

This was actually the first year where I didn't go anywhere for Christmas. Typically, we're the ones that are always on the road, but this year my family came to me. It was so nice to have the whole family together under one roof.

COUSINS <3 .... yeah, I know. My Grandma had 15 children.
I cannot begin to explain how awesome it was to not travel during the holidays. I pretty much spent the majority of my time in my Pj's with a good book in hand. I read so many GREAT books. Can't wait to post all my reviews.

My sister and I also participated in our annual City League Soccer tournament. And although we had to get up at the ass crack of dawn on New Years day, we won first place ;) Our team pretty much rocks!

Besides the holiday parties, we also had 2 birthday parties. Both my younger brother and sister have a birthday in December. Sister turned 20 and youngest brother turned 18.... Eight-freaking-teen..... Gosh I feel so old!

I'm apologize for being a bit absent from the blog, but I just had so many things going on, I don't think I would have been able to sit down and write a coherent review with all the visiting family and madness going on around the house. But I promise that you NOW have my full and undivided attention :) How did everyone else spend there holidays? Any funny stories? I LOVE hearing funny family stories :)haha! Share the love....


  1. Oh. I love big families! Yours looks like so much fun :) Can't wait to hear about all of the books that filled your break!

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