Jan 13, 2012

Follow Friday (8)

Question of the Week: Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

It's not a secret that I am madly in love with Chris Martin from Coldplay. They're going to be Playing at the Hollywood bowl here in California in May and I am so flippin excited!! This will be my 2nd official Coldplay Concert :) If you've never heard of them or have never listened to one of their songs.... (Which I hope NOT because you are higly missing out!) here's a little sample, and personally my favorite song from them.

Besides, Coldplay, I pretty much listen to anything that has a good rhythm or lyrics. Anything I can dance to is good too :) Here in California there seems to be a growing techno/electronic trend, and although I wasn't feeling it in the begining, I do have a couple of songs that are quickly becoming favorites. Songs by David Guetta or Avicii. If you're interested;

David Guetta - Night Of Your Life - Feat. Jennifer Hudson


Avicii - Levels

try 'em out, you won't regret it :D
What about you? What song.artist do you recommend for 2012? Share some links!


  1. LOVE Coldplay too! Great choice of songs.


  2. New follower of your beautiful blog!

    I love Coldplay, they're really wonderful, great easy listening.

    Here's my FF!

  3. Hey, Diana. :) It seems that everyone loves Coldplay. :)
    New follower.

    Here's our #FF post

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  4. Love Coldplay. My favorite song of theirs is "Viva la Vida," but I love "Clocks" and "The Scientist" a lot too.

  5. Love Coldplay, they were my choice too! New follower, Here's mine!

  6. Great choice. I'm a new follower.

  7. Oh I'm a fan of Coldplay too<3 They definitely have unique music knows as theirs. David Guetta is great also!! It surprises me how many songs he is that I never knew about. He produced A LOT of current top list music.

    My TGIF & FF ((:
    -thank you&come again.

  8. New follower here! here is my FF: http://theonceandfuturelibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/01/follow-friday-2.html

  9. Hopping through. Love Coldplay too. So cool that you're going to the concert.
    My Hop

  10. I think I'm one of the few people who don't listen to Coldplay.
    Like I listen to it if it comes on the radio but I've never been a fan.
    I hope you enjoy the performance, though.

  11. I LOVE Coldplay! I also love David Guetta's work. And I'm with you, anything with an awesome beat that I can move to. Usher usually hits it on the nose. Linkin Park has been a favorite of mine for ages. The one concert of theirs I was able to make it to was one of the BEST EVER!

  12. Hey Diana!

    You requested a mini series banner (http://imlovingbooks.com/freebies/mini-series-banners) for the Mara Dyer series awhile ago. I took a bit of a hiatus from making them, but I've made this one now just so you know. :) Hope you enjoy!

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books


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