Dec 15, 2011

Paramount Pictures acquires screen rights to "Tiger’s Curse"

From Ms. Colleen Houck herself-

I have been getting tons of emails, tweets, and notes from my fans asking about the latest Tiger's Curse news that came out the other day: that Paramount Pictures has optioned the film rights to the book. Well I can tell you officially that this is true, and I am SO thrilled. As you all know from previous posts and discussions, we have been working on this for a while and I couldn't be more happy with the dream team assembled to bring my books to life on screen. I have no doubt that Paramount Pictures along with producers Mary Parent and Raphael Kryszek will make this into a beautiful, amazing film. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you who has continued to read my books. Without all of you, this would never have been possible. We are in kind of a top-secret mode right now as the movie develops but I cannot wait to share more news with you as soon as I can!

Official Statement-

EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to the Colleen Houck novel Tiger’s Curse. Mary Parent will produce through her Disruption Entertainment banner with Raphael Kryszek. The novel is about a 17-year-old girl who takes a temp job caring for a white tiger at the local circus and sets off on an epic adventure when she discovers the tiger is a cursed Indian prince who turns into a man for only 24 minutes per day. Their quest to end the curse leads them through exotic locales in India and brushes with Hindu gods and goddesses. Houck originally self-published the title on Kindle Books; after it reached No. 1 on the bestseller fiction list, the book was published by Splinter and is currently near the top of the New York Times Children’s list. The book has been translated into 15 languages. For more news or updates, you can follow the producers on twitter here: Paramount Pictures Twitter User: @ParamountPics

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am! *squee* I have loved Ren ever since I first met him in Tiger's Curse. I then bawled my eyes out in Tiger's Quest, and now I'm just mad at the world because of Tiger's Voyage.... So sad </3 Can't wait for the next book! Can it be Nov. 2012, please?! Someone needs to invent a time-machine NOW!

But either way, I love Ren and I am beyond thrilled to hear that we will be getting a movie! :) woo whoo! I Can't wait to see who they cast. Do you all have an prefences? He you have time you should totally check out MY BOOK BOYFRIEND- REN post, so some swoon worthy pictures and quotes.

Memorable Ren quote/scene:
Kelsey- "What were you saying to her about me?"

Ren- "I told her that we would be having our dessert…later.”

I laughed facetiously.

“You mean you will be having dessert later by yourself this evening because I am done eating with you.”

He leaned across the candle lit table and said, “Who said anything about eating , Kelsey?”

Yes, you can thank me now!.... :D haha! Haven't read the book, stop what you are doing and go read it now!... Gosh, I sound like a broken record!

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  1. I'm so happy for you! they do sound like they'll make good movies :D

  2. Alex, no te puedes imaginar lo emocionada que estoy :) I hope they get some super hot guys to play Ren and Kishan *crosses fingers*

  3. haha LOVE the quote! And also the use of the word facetiously. There never seem to be enough opportunities to use this word. lol I haven't read the books yet, but your quote is making me want to! And it must be amazing if they optioned it for film! Oooo

  4. oh I should start reading this one before it screens

    P/S I'm your new follower

  5. I'm still behind on this series! Clearly I need to get on it and read. Sounds really exciting for the authors and her fans. Nice!


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