Nov 3, 2011

Hunger Games Cast - Vanity Fair

Hey guys, *waves*

I got an email from my Alice Marvels subscription last night and to my (delightful) surprise it contained some photos from The Hunger Games photo-shoot.  Look at them, aren't they gorgeous? I may have been a bit skeptic about Josh playing Peeta, but now I can definitely see him pulling it off. Is it just my bad memory, or did Twilight also do a photo shoot for Vanity Fair? I really hope they don't start comparing the two movies. The Hunger Games is NOT Twilight!



What do you think? They look good, right!? <3


  1. Whoa!! Yes I hope they do not compare it to twilight... don't hate on me but I have yet to read this endeared series :/ I know I know! Sorry! But these pictures make me want to read it like NOW! I really <3 that last pic! Thanks for sharing.. squee :D

  2. These are very good looking people!
    I think I can match about two or three to their book counterparts but I admit I don't remember the book well.

    Oh well! Awesome pictures anyway

  3. I know, I'm so excited for these! I've been practically salivating over them all night; some of my favorite characters, come to life!

    Anyway, I hear you about not wanting it to be compared to Twilight. They're completely different. Unfortunately, there are already some people who left comments on the VF website about how HG is "trying to be like Twilight" now, because they did a VF photoshoot, too. So sad! :(

  4. I love them and I LOVE how Gale looks, he looks perfect for Gale in my mind. Actually he looks better than I pictured him. But I still am not sold on Peeta. I pictured Peeta way different. Katniss is perfect though.

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  5. I think Josh is going to make an excellent Peeta. Heck, I think they're all excellent. Only casting I'm not sold on so far is Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, but I'm hoping his actual performance changes my mind.

    I really don't ever want to hear THG compared to Twilight. There's no comparison. THG is so much...more. Grittier, more real, more emotional, imho.

  6. I'm not sure what to think. Appearance wise they are not how I imagined the characters to look. I think, for me, it will all come down to their acting ability and how believable they are as the characters.

  7. Im team Gale on this one. Peeta isn't doing it for me anymore

  8. Josh is the perfect Peeta for me, I absolutely love him! In both personality and appearance. The main trio look amazing and I'm already picturing the three stars in the MAIN roles. This movie cannot come soon enough!

    Did you see today? There is DEFINITELY a trailer coming soon! *SQUEE* Over 2 minutes long, it was listed on a trailer classification website. I AM SO EXCITED :D

  9. Look how adorable Rue looks in that second one! I'm so excited for this movie that I can't even see strait! YAY!


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