Oct 27, 2011

My lame excuse....

I'm a horrible blogger! Totally forgot to schedule a vacation post before I left! I'm in Can-flipping-Cun :) hello to all my blogging buds! I'll be bck on Monday with new posts and reviews! Sorry for the short message, I'm writing from my iPod.

Talk soon,

Ps. Reading HalfBlood by Jennifer armentrout- Brilliant!


  1. You are NOT a horrible blogger.. well you will be if you don't tell us how Cancun was! lol I'm joking but I can't wait to hear how you enjoyed it! Hope to hear from you Monday <3

  2. Sounds great! Hope you're having a ton of fun!

  3. That's awesome! Have a great time.
    I haven't been to Cancun in ages - I personally prefer going for the Pacific and hitting Puerto Vallarta, like it better than the Caribbean, but I think I'm the only one.

    Anyway, have tons of fun.

  4. *squeeee*

    Hope you are having a great time. :)

  5. I hope you had fun and weren't there when the storm hit.

  6. Half-Blood is awesome! Hope you're enjoying yourself!


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