Sep 4, 2011

In My Mailbox #8

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It's a bit longer than my usual IMM posts (I had a lot of books!) hopefully I don't bore you all too bad :) Thanks for watching. Make sure and share your IMM links below.

1. Divergent
2. The Eternal Ones
3. Gone
4. Clockwork Angel
5. Lola and the Boy Next Door
6. Glow
7. The Ghost and the Goth
8. Original Sin
9. Don't Stop Now

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Tara @ Hobbitsies
Camille @ Teen Book Fanatics
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  1. Wow you got some great books this week! I really want to read the Eternal Ones!

    check out my waiting on Wednesday!

  2. Girl, you are GORGEOUS. good grief. Great books! :)

  3. You got a lot of great books this week! Divergent is amazing :)

  4. Yay for DIVERGENT! Such a fantastic book.

  5. I'm super excited for Lola. I've Divergent forever - it's supposed to be amazing, but I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    Megan @ Read It, See It

  6. Ah, amazing haul Diana! I'm so jealous of all of your lovely books. I really want Lola and the Boy Next Door. Glow and Divergent are fantastic! I loved them.

    Books of Amber

  7. AWESOME IMM Diana! So jealous of Glow!!!! (:

  8. Eeeep, so many good books and LOLA!!! I won't even go into how jealous I am, lol. I really hope you enjoy all of these! :D

  9. Great books :) Gone sounds incredible, and I love the cover for the Eternal Ones. I'm planning on reading Clockwork Angel after the Mortal Instruments.

    My IMM is here if you'd like a look
    Claire @ Project to be Read

  10. Yay for all the books, I have read them all but eternal ones and don't stop now and I loved them!!

  11. Divergent <333 And Clockwork Angel! After reading (and LOVING) Anna and the French Kiss I'm seriously pining for Lola. Glow too! Enjoy them all!

  12. You got awesome books! I didn't really like The Eternal Ones and I'm suck a sucker for eternal love stories etc. I hope you enjoy it more than I did!

  13. Old follower stopping by. Great IMM this week! I haven't gotten round to read The Ghost & the Goth and Divergent. Enjoy your books.
    Check Out My IMM.

  14. I'm so glad you're back! And you finally started Clockwork Angel! I love Victorian England. LOVE IT.
    I also can't wait for us to talk about Four.
    And I loved The Ghost and the Goth


  15. Awesome IMM, so many great books in there. Clockwork Angel, Divergent, Ghost and the Goth...too many to list =) Hope you enjoy them all!!!

    Awesome Blog! New follower.

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

    P.S. I'm also a huge glee fan AND play COD with my brother a lot.

  16. Clockwork Angel has been sitting on myself for months now, and I just never seem to reach for it:/
    Awesome books this week though, enjoy!:D


  17. ZOMG! I loved Clockwork Angel. Read it now!!! *puppy eyes* And I've heard incredible things about Lola and Divergent.

    Awesome mailbox. I'm gonna have to invite myself over to borrow some of those. :)

  18. YAY!! You got Divergent! I absolutely loved that book. I hope you love it too!

    Also, I'm jealous...Lola and the Boy Next Door is what I dream about. So excited for that one!! *squee* If you find that it's gone missing, I have NO idea what happened to it! *looks around casually*


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