Aug 1, 2011

I'm in LOVE!

Ok, so I thought I should let ya’ll know that I'm in love, but with a fictional character. His name is Ren. Like seriously, I actually KNOW I am. See I just finished reading Tiger's Curse, which was amazing, incredible, marvelous, prodigious EPIC! and I think everyone, and their moms, should read it.

If your thinking, “Tiger’s Curse? Wtf! That sounds cheesy?!” Well then think of the most delicious, creamiest cheese that you’ve ever had. Don’t like cheese? Then just think of chocolate. Don’t like chocolate? Well then just think of ANY guilty please you have, ok?... 

Think of that and multiply it by ten. You have Tiger's Curse. Yeah, it’s THAT good.

And then you have Ren. An Indian born with an Asian mother…who was raised speaking English. I can only imagine what he would look like in a movie…
Speaking of which, there is going to be one. Yes, you heard right. As we speak, it is in the works. I found this on Mrs. Houck’s website and I practically DIED.

So yeah, just so you know; I’m in love. Putting that out there. And Missie, I will definitely begin my web-hunt for the perfect guy to protray Ren for my next Book Boyfriend post.

That it all. As you were, carry on.

Ps. Anyone else in love with this wonderful story? I need to hurry up and read TIGERS QUEST! although I'm a bit scared.... It's all your fault, Michelle.... Jk! :)haha! Email me.


  1. Oh how I love Ren!

    When I finished Tiger's Quest, I cried. I need, NEED Tiger's Voyage yesterday!

    It's a beautiful picture and a wonderful story.

  2. Oh, one more thing -

    If, no when you need a support group while reading Tiger's Quest -

    I'm available.

    Love Ren so much.


  3. I may have just died. I LOVED Tiger's Curse!! Oh, and that photo (or is it a wallpaper?) made my day! It totally brings the book to life. I can't wait for this movie!

  4. Ooh! I'll be honest, I thought this book sounded kinda lame, but then one of the girls I work with read it and fell in love, too! She read both books super fast and then was so upset about having to wait for the third one that she read the first two all over again. After that I realised I should probably give it a go, and you've made me want to read it even more now! But I'm thinking maybe I should wait until the next book is released so I don't have the agonising wait.

  5. I emailed you. I love it and EPIC is a great word for the book!

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  7. I'm in love with a fictional character, too. Except the love of my life is an Anime character. Dreamy sigh...

  8. Guess what?! I happen to love cheese and chocolate... just not together! LOL

    OMG! Ren sounds like the MOST delicious mix. Have they said who they are going to cast as him? Can't wait to see your BB post.

    *runs off to look for the book*

  9. Oh my gosh, now I really want to read this book! It does sound epic! And a movie of this novel would probably be super awesome -- they're making big-screen adaptations of so many books that the chance isn't that far off! :)

    You can really make people excited! ;)

  10. I need to read this now! Sounds awesome. And this man sounds like a million bucks to me. :)

  11. So great! I just put these on my Sat. wishlist! Now, I must get the first book at least!

  12. Ahh dont strangle me when I say I haven't heard of it! *hides under cover* BUT I just read the description on goodreads... O M wow that sounds good! And it's being made in to a movie? Where have I been! Seriously!!

  13. Wow! this Ren guy sounds like something serious! I'll look into this series!

  14. Well, now I'm intrigued. I have to admit I was one of the people who thought this series sounded a bit cheesy at first. But your enthusiasm is absolutely catching!

  15. I LOVE cheese! Then again, I love chocolate. I also LOVE pie! These books sound so good Diana. Admittedly I've seen them around, buy my cover whore-ness didn't pull me in. *slaps own hand* Bad Jen! I need to stop letting covers do that to me. I'm going to check these out asap! Thank you!!


    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  16. Im sorry i blacked out and died as well when i saw the word movie it's like there was nothing but me and that simple 5 letter word spining around through space and time wrapped up in a neat little bundle i like to called love and then i realized i was dead and was gonna miss the movie so i beelined in from the gates of heaven and shot right back into my body which is this close to having a major break down im freaking so badly i wanna tell everyone but they dont "get" a work of art like i do so they'll most likely look at me funny. But who cares that my family will shut me out, whisper behind my back and check me into a mental hospital tiger saga has a movie DAMN IT


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