Jun 28, 2011

Tune in Tuesdays (4) plus friendship story

This weeks tune:
The Only Exception

Haven't posted a TUNE IN TUESDAY in a while. I miss it.

For the past couple of days Paramore's The Only Exception has been on repeat on my iTunes library. This song obviously has to do with love and learning to open up once more, but to me, personally, it speaks about friendships.

"And we've got to find other ways, to make it alone. Or keep a straight face."

Complete lyrics: http://www.directlyrics.com/paramore-the-only-exception-lyrics.htmlHave you ever had a friend you thought was going to be around forever? A friend you thought was probably going to be a brides maid at your wedding? A friend you considered to be a sister, but then as time went by, you came to the sad realization that people tend to grow apart and go their separate ways?.... Ok, so maybe this is my personal story.... don't judge me :)haha! but after losing one of my closets friendships (as in we stopped talking because of a fight), I completely blocked myself out to the whole "best friend" department. Of course I had girl friends, but I felt no one could ever hold the best friend title ever again. Recently, I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet some AWESOME new gals. Gals that I know truly care about me and my well being.

"Up until now I've sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness. Because none of it was ever worth the risk."

So, as the song dictates.... I basically need to open up and find my only exception :) well maybe not just one. I'm starting to believe a girl can have more than just one close friend! I've always had my sister, whom I know will never leave my side.... but sometimes we tend to look outside our own family walls for love and support. I'm sorry if all this seems super lame or childish, but this is pretty much exactly what goes through my head when I listen to this song.

Haven't heard it? Go push play NOW!  & like always, THANK YOU GINGER for hosting such a great weekly feature.
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  1. Oh.My.God. You like my layout? I LOVE yours! It's exactly what you said mine is. Super cute. Neat and organized. It's unique and just sooo nice! I'm having a blog crush right now. Excuse me a moment...

    Ok. I love this song by Paramore. If it plays at work I will turn it up really loudly and annoy everyone. hahah! Great post :)

    ♥ Trish Just a YA Girl

  2. P.S. Following you back :)

    ♥ Trish Just a YA Girl

  3. This is not super lame or childish at all! I have a best friend and we have been by each other’s side for the last 8 years. In the last month or two she has been hanging out a lot with a girl I am not particularly fond of. While I know that we will always be friends, I also now realize that I need to open myself up to other friendships and not be stuck in a rut when she is hanging out with this other girl. So your reasons for liking this song are, in my opinion, so very true. I hope you can learn to have best friends again!

  4. This song is soooo good! I love it so much! Great choice!!

  5. I love this song, it has been played at so many parties and events that hearing it always brings back nice memories. Thanks for that! :)

  6. This is a lovely song, I never any idea who sang it though I think I had heard it before.

    And I'm with you about the friendship thing, its hard for me to really open to people even if I like them :P I am blessed in having a best friend, Vi, whom I have known since I was fourteen. :D

  7. @Katelyn- awww! thank you so much for sharing that! totally made me smile :)

    @Alex, Jess & Lisa- yess! this is such a lovely song and it does bring back many happy memories!

  8. This is a really great song and it's awesome that you associate it with wonderful people. I'm glad you have new, great friendships! :)

  9. Fab song! Sorry to hear about losing a BF but really glad to hear about your good fortune in finding others.

    Sometimes, these things happen for a reason! Sounds like you're doing great :o]

  10. aw, guys! thanks so much for all your kind words! you guys are the best! sometime i feel like blogger is becoming my own personal diary :)haha.

  11. Never been a big fan but after that song, I think I will check out the cd this song goes with :) Thanks!!

  12. After college I had a couple of friends that I considered sisters b/c we lived together for a long time just kind of sporadically talk to me until we eventually lost touch. I had another friend who I considered a "best" friend REALLY quit talking to me. Not b/c our communication became sporadic being in separate continents (my roomies were from Japan), but I called one day and she just had her roommate tell me she didn't want to talk to me. It really does hurt. I don't think I've gotten close to very many ppl since then either.
    Good luck.


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