Mar 25, 2011

PERU- Getting spit in the face by a Peruvian llama

Alright, so in going through some of my old Peru files, I found this video of me that my friend Sonia recorded. It was during my second week in Peru; I felt pretty badass going up to a llama no one else wanted to go near.... yeah, it didn't go so well.

Peaceful creatures, my ass!.... but I guess I deserved it for bothering it. Never disturb a llama while it is eating.


  1. lol that is so FUNNY and GROSS!! :) Cool video!!

  2. @rane- thanks :) it was one of those "spare the moment" type of video! I totally didnt mean for that to happen :)haha!

  3. OMG THAT WAS AWESOME (to watch)

  4. Hahahaha, oh my gosh that was so funny!

  5. So funny! But poor you!
    Vampire's Assistant the film is a tie-up of the first three books: Cirque du Freak, Vampire's Assistant and Tunnels of Blood. The film's really good, though as I said, I don't get why it's American... And thank you!
    I love Hunger Games! I've just started the second book: sooo looking forwards to it!!
    Thanks for all your comments, and I love your new header! (It is new, right? My memory isn't great when it comes to un-book-related stuff. ^-^)

  6. I think I died a little watching this! Oh man.


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