Feb 28, 2011

Short but FUN interview!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that I did a short but fun interview with Lulu over at her blog, The Book Worm is Here!

Stop by and let me know what you think :) If you really wanna be extra nice, you should give Lulu a Follow. She does awesome, in-debt reviews... and the best part is that they are spoiler-free! Check it out if you have some time. 

In the mean time I am working on some reviews, reading, working, trying to balance a loving boyfriend and a crazy Mexican family.... can you say fun?! Booo! Oh well, that's Life :) Thanks again for this quick-escape interview, Lulu!


  1. It was fun wasn't it? Thank you for the experience and saying all those nice things! :)
    Can't wait for more reviews! You do an amazing job :)

  2. I just wanted you to know I loved Xena and Herc when it was on!

  3. Hey you won a give away! Dreamz of a YA Writer

  4. your bookmark is on its way tomorrow!!


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