Feb 1, 2011

Another one of my RANDOM posts

doesn't he look dashing? :)

Fernando Torres, Chelsea's number 9!...

For those of you that haven't noticed, I am a BIG Futbol fan; I watch it, I play it, I dream it! This past June I would wake up at the ass crack of dawn just to watch the World Cup 2010 games. Who was I rooting for? Mexico, of course (it comes with the family) but I was also cheering for my native land, the underdog; USA! I think we did pretty good considering the fact that we were robbed a couple of gioals (lets not start that conversation... !) but regardless, it was a great WC!

Anywho, I'm writing this post because just yesterday my FAVORITE player, Fernando Torres, has joined forces (hahaha...I crack myself up!) with my favorite/the BEST team everrr (well, in my opinion) Chelsea FC. I literally could not believe it. Torres used to be on Liverpool FC which was one of Chelsea's main rivals. I saw a clip from Fox Sports were Liverpool fans burned Torres old jersey- harsh, i know :\ But I cannot express how happy I am! To me, this is a dream come true :) wooo whooo! I'm pre-ordering his jersey as we speak....

Anyone of my followers futbol/soccer fans? LET ME KNOW :) I'd love to have someone to chat to about all this! Happy Tuesday <3


  1. Unfortunately I am not...but I love random blog posts anyways! He is very cute those...and awesome name!

  2. Hey Sarah! isn't he cute? meeting Fernando Torres has now been added to my "bucket list"! :)haha!

  3. I ADORE Torres!! We are huge Futbol fans in our house, my husband coaches at the varsity team at our high school. But, we live in Montana and it is just not a huge sport here. At any rate, it was an awesome World Cup, wasn't it?!

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