Jan 27, 2011

Alex Pettyfer offered the role of Jace wayland? OMG! Please excuse me while I run out of my work office to scream my lungs out in ecstasy!

If you've read my review of book one of The Mortal Instruments, you'll know that I am completely in love with Jace Wayland! To be honest, when I heard they were making the books into movies, I was a bit hesitant... I didn't think anyone would be fit to play the role of Jace, but after reading this article, I think I might just "Midnight" the movie after all :)haha!

Taken from http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/01/alex_pettyfer_offered_another.html
Attention, out-of-touch parents! If you want to plan ahead on knowing your tween and teen daughters' movie crushes, start reading up on Alex Pettyfer. Not only is the British model turned actor about to appear in next month's DreamWorks/Touchstone adaptation of the James Frey and Jobie Hughes young-adult sci-fi novel I Am Number Four, but Vulture hears that the 20-year-old model-actor also has the offer to star in another YA-franchise coming to the big screen: Screen Gems’ adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. In fact, insiders tell us that Screen Gems chief Clint Culpepper feels so strongly about casting Pettyfer in the supernatural love story that he only wants to green-light the film if he can land the actor. Negotiations are expected to begin late this week, and a formal announcement could come as early as next.
For the uninitiated (translation: old), Clare's series is about a female teen who falls in with a tribe of "Shadowhunters" who track down and kill demons loose on the streets of New York City. The first installment, City of Bones, quickly became a best seller when it was released in 2007, and it’s easy to see why: The books are basically Twilight with demons instead of vampires. Headstrong teen girl as main character? Check! Hot-guy love interest kept at bay by a Terrible Secret? Check! Best guy friend secretly pining in the wings? Check!

A breakdown of the character Pettyfer has been offered, the sarcastic Shadowhunter Jace Wayland, calls for a heavily inked-up teen with strange symbols all over his rippling, muscular body. Fortunately, Pettyfer already has seven tats, including a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on the inside of his right arm, and Chinese logograms on his lower waist; it's casting Kismet! As for the heroine, Clary Fray, last month Mortal Instruments director Scott Charles Stewart (Priest) cast 21-year-old starlet Lily Collins (who was in Priest, as well as The Blind Side). Insiders familiar with the situation say that Screen Gems now wants to polish its script a bit, but plans to start shooting the film in March, provided a deal can be made with Pettyfer.

So what do you guys think? Will Alex Pettyfer pull it off? :) Let me know!


  1. I have a question and maybe you can help. I recently read Clockwork Angel by Clare and loved it. I am really hesitant to read the Mortal Instrument Series because I dont want it to ruin the Clockwork Angel series... does it?

  2. @Mflick1 Not at all! as far as I know Clockwork Angel and the Mortal instruments are two different series! They're based on the similar aspects, but I think Clockwork Angel is a prequel to TMI series.... anyone else have an idea? correct me if i'm wrong.

  3. I think he would make an excellent Jace!!!

  4. OK Thanks! I do love Clare... she created a wonderful world in Clockwork Angel, as I am sure she did with The Mortal Instrument Series

  5. I think he would be PERFECT as Jace. I think he definitely has his swagger down. I hope he takes the role!

  6. AHHHH I am so excited for this--I really hope he accepts the offer!! City of Bones and the Hunger Games movie; what an awesome week for announcements!

  7. Wow, I suddenly can't wait to see the movie. That is some major eyecandy. Haha, I loved the Mortals Instrument series too. ;)

  8. I haven't read the mortal instruments but I am guessing it is a great book... Planning to get that myself before watching the movie.. I am a new follower and I like your adventurous blog! Happy Reading!^^

    You can visit my blog anytime!:]
    Palm Books Journal

  9. I just finished the first book to the series, City of Bones, and I am in LOVE! But, I started googling stuff about the book and found out (Spoiler alert) Simon (Beware of spoiler) gets turned into vampire! I wish I didn't read it. :( ANYWAYS, great book and I was kind of upset when I learned Jace was Clary's brother... I wanted them to, you know, date. But, I think Jace isn't her brother. I think they are not related in any way. At least I hope so.... :D CAn't wait until the movie! I hope they don't ruin it.


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