Dec 29, 2010

The Newbie Blog Hop

The newbie blog hop is hosted by Lazy girl read, and its an awesome new event that helps new blogs meet new people! If you want to sign up, you better do it fast- the event ends the 31st of December :)

Blog question:
What's your favorite feature of online book blogging?

- I love the lil' widgets that allow you to post your "to be read" slide-show or the ones that are countdowns. Also, i love the whole follower option. It's always nice to know that people read and appreciate your blog :)

If your participating in this event, please leave your link to your post in the comment section, and I'll be sure to check it out <3



  1. HEY! Thx for signing up for my blog hop!! I look forward to checking out your blog more often

    Lah @Lazy Girl Reads

  2. One of the neatest things I think is the Linky Links. They seem like they will be handy. I signed up today and want to practice more with the basics lists. I also really love that I can read blogs in my google reader and watch my own follower list get fuller every day. I love that I discovered and joined Book Blogs!!


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