Dec 24, 2010

Holiday Madness!

One of my rannddoom posts :)

Hey Guys! So currently I'm trying to balance 20 things at once.... Well, more like 5, but that's still enough to drive me crazy :)haha! I'm trying to finish writing some of my travel blogs; first will come Greece then Turkey, after that I still have Italy Egypt & Ireland... ay ya ya! Not to mention I am way behind on my reading, thus reviews too! & to top it all off, it's Christmas Eve & my house is packed w/family!... You gotta love the Holidays :) But overall, I couldn't be happier! Loving family, good health and new books to keep me company when I'm bored. Couldn't really ask for more :p
But for now, here are a couple more pictures... I'll eventually organize these into separate links on the blog, but for now- ENJOY!



(Mediterranean Sea. BEAUTIFUL!
Reading Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers)
(On top of the world!... well Pergamon!)
 (Theater. A very nice view!)
 (Cousins in Turkey)
 Downtown Istanbul)

 (They call it the "cake" building)
 (That guy in the back was wieerdd)
 (Wanted to come here since the time I saw "Gladiator")
 (Inside the Colosseum)
(The famous Trevi Fountain)

 (I was getting a bit sick. Cruising down the Nile river)
 (Africa is beautiful in its own unique way)
 (On our way to  Nubian Village. I felt like I was 
in one of those Anaconda movies)
 (Henna Tattoo at the Nubian Village)
 (Avenue of the Spinx w/my tour guide)
(Saqqara aka. Sakkara, pyrimid. The first pyramid ever built)
 (Wanted to come here since I saw "The Mummy")
(The famous Spinx)


  1. Beautiful Roma! :) Love those photos.

    Who did you travel with? Slash, how did you go to all these amazing places? Did you have some vacation time?

  2. Omg I am so jealous of your travels! The only place I have been outside the US is the Bahamas, and I wasn't that impressed! lol My dream is to spend a month traveling around Italy! =)


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