Dec 25, 2010

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This is my first ever follow friday post :) hopefully I can get into the habit of doing it every week...

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Technically Christmas day is almost over, so instead of rambling on about how my day went, I want to share with you all a bit of Christmas love that happened in our community not to long ago. 

To make the story short, it turns out a group of people got together this Holiday season to act out "Las Posadas" which is pretty much a reenactment of the journey that Mary and Joseph did by going inn to inn asking for a room only to be turned out.... People volunteer there home as an "inn" and decorate they're front door with lights and "No vacancy" signs. The owners of the home reject the crowd and tell them to keep moving, they move onwards until they reach the home which has been set as the stable. 

Well it turns out that at the second to last stop was the home of a family w/an Autistic child who was participating with his mom; when Mary and Joseph were nearing, the mom explained to her son that some people were going to ask if they could come into the living room, and that he had to yell out "There's no room here!", the boy agreed and was ready to play his part. As soon as Joseph sang his carol and asked if there was room for him and his wife, the boy proudly said, "There's no room here!" The boy and his mother stood there watching as the crowd started to leave, when all of a sudden the little boy yelled, "Wait! Come back! There's no room in the living room, but you can have my room!"

**Isn't that just amazing? I truly believe that if we all opened up our hearts and would be willing to give up our "room" to help out those most in need, we'd really make a difference. That boy should be an example for us ALL this holiday season :)


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