Oct 10, 2010

Welcome to The Lovely Getaway!

Hip Hip Hurrayyy! I can't believe I finally started my own blog. I have so many adventures to tell and books to talk about.... but before we get started, here's a bit about me-

What you can expect from this blog:

They call me D :) I'm a 23 year old book lover and world traveler (well... aspiring world traveler). I'm starting this blog with many goals and hopes, but mainly-
First; I LOVE to travel and I want to share my travel experiences. I have been on some pretty awesome adventures around the world, and I would like to share some tips that I wish someone would have told me before my voyage. I'll share a bit on where I stayed, what I ate, and what you can expect if you visit certain parts of the world! We all need to just get away fro a while and I'd like to share some of my getaways with you! One of my favorite quotes of all time: The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

Secondly; I want to meet other people who share my love for books, promote different books so those who have not been introduced to "book land" (as my baby cousin calls it), can get a sneak peak. If there's anything I love more than traveling, it's READING! I've recently been introduced to the wonderful world of YA book blogging, and I must say- It's AMAZING! There are so many inspiring book blogs out there, I can't wait to start reviewing books and hear what you all have to share too... I often times consider myself to be a solitary person, I like my personal quiet time! A perfect day would consist of cold weather, a warm blanket, hot chocolate and a book. I know what you may be thinking- Typical!... But honestly, books are my lovely getaway (hence my blog title). They're my escape from reality, even if it is only for a short amount of time. Books are AMAZING! They have so much power!! They can make you feel relaxed, feel calm, hurt, laugh, cry, shout, jump, and even have the power to open your eyes. Make you more aware of things that are happening in our world.

Thirdly; my overall blog purpose.... I just want to express myself and have fun! All I can do is pray that you all share my love for books and travel, and that's why your here :) Once again, thanks for taking the time to visit by blog. Be sure and let me know what you think!

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