Oct 10, 2010

Smart Chicks Kick It Tour

Who was there: Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, Melissa de la Cruz, Rachel Vincent, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl & Mary Pearson
This past Monday the Smart Chicks Kick It tour came to a city near me (& I only had to drive out about an hour to get there.... hip hip hurray!). I had been waiting for this event since before summer! & it did not disappoint, the event was SO MUCH FUN!
This was my first author signing/meet & greet EVER! The event started off w/ARC giveaways. Melissa Marr, Rachel Caine & Rachel Vincent all gave out a copy of their newest title, but you had to answer some trivia first. Also, many new announcements- extended series, new series & movie info on some books! Happy to announce that Beautiful Creatures now has a Warner Brothers Script! Afterwards we did what the smart chicks call the lightning round. Lightning round which pretty much consisted of questions from the audience. Fav actor, band, book... One girl asked about "Who's your fav Twilight Character?" - Come on!! Really? We get to ask ANY question to some of the best YA authors around, & you wanna talk about twilight? idk. Maybe there was some deep meaning behind the question, but I didn't see it.
After that came "Marry, Shag, Cliff" a game where you decide what characters you'd marry, shag and who would you throw off a cliff. There was lots of screaming during the game because both authors and audience participated! There was lots of girls who wanted to marry Derek from Kelly Armstrong's Darkest Power series, but personally, when my turn came up, I happily ran up on stage to take my picks from Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Blood Series. I announced that I'd marry Oliver, shag both Jack & Kingsley at the same time, & I'd throw Mimi off a cliff! (lots of cheering...haha!)
Last, but not least, came the author signing. It was so exciting to get a chance to meet so many awesome authors all in one night. I was so excited to Meet Melissa de la Cruz, I am OBSESSED w/her Blue Bloods Series. I probably looked star-struck as I went up to her w/my 5 books in hand for her to sign. She's so Nice & funny! Love being her follower on twitter! I also got my Immortal books signed by Alyson Noel, along with a picture & Beautiful Creatures signed by both Margaret & Kami. During the signing I also got to chat w/Rachel Caine & I was dying to ask her for a picture or to autograph by bag, but I felt embarrassed because I didn't have any of her books w/me. Since I had heard there was a limit on books you could bring, I only brought so many ... but it was such a lie! I saw girls who carried 15+ books. I was so sad... *sigh* but this was my first author signing, so I guess you can say I'm learning how things work! Overall I had such a blast at the Smart Chicks stop in Pasadena (& I got my hands on lots of bracelet & keychains too). Thank you so much Smart Chicks for hosting such an awesome event & being so kind to your fellow readers!

Margaret and Kami- Beautiful Creatures
Alyson Noel- Evermore
Melissa de la Cruz- Blue Bloods!


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